Kokum Butter – The Most Stable Of Solutions

Kokum butter, I addressed it ‘stable’ in the title, reason being a big one. This one wonderful butter remains relatively stable over a longer period of time as far its properties are concerned and does not become less effective over any period of time.

Kokum Butter is one of the most stable and hardest vegetable butters known. Suggested uses: Creams, lotions, balms, make-up foundations and bar soaps. Use from 3% to 100% pure (as a butter-like balm). Efficacy: Fatty acid levels are low, indicating an absence of any powerful lipolytic activity. Prevents drying of the skin and development of wrinkles. Reduces degeneration of skin cells and restores skin flexibility. May enhance stability of certain emulsion systems.

Karcinia Indica is used by Ayurvedic System of Medicine to treat many diseases and skin ailments. It is popularly known as “Kokum” in India. Kokum has many health benefits. Its natural dry rind is use as one of the spices in Indian kitchen. It has a tangy taste similar to tamarind. Kokum makes an excellent refreshing drink during hot summer. Kokum butter is a product of Kokum Fruit.

Garcinia Indica or Kokum is widely use in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Kokum butter which is a product of Garcinia Indica is also known as “Goa Butter”. Kokum butter is a solid fat that is obtained from kokum seeds. Kokum seeds contain a high percentage of oil that are freeze and processed to form creamy Kokum butter.

Kokum butter is use in many skin care and cosmetic products. It is one of the main ingredients in many skin healing lotions, moisturiser, lip balms, body butters, foot care products, foundations, soaps and toiletries. Kokum butter is rich in healthy fats like stearic and oleic acids and can also be used as edible oil.

Kokum butter helps to regenerate skin cells. It has the ability to soften and soothe the dry, irritated or burnt skin. It helps to –

  • Prevent dry skin
  • Reduce the fine lines
  • Make wrinkles gradually disappear

Best option for sensitive skin. Kokum butter is also use to dry lips, chapped hands and soles of the feet.

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