Kokum Butter – The Multiple Uses

Kokum butter is a wonderful body butter when applied in the right manner. It has long been used for the skin care purposes and is still used for the same. Kokum butter’s benefits are not just confined to skin, but all over, in and out.

Garcinia Indica is a deep purple color fruit. It is popularly known as “Kokum” in India. The natural outer cover of the fruit is dried and used as a spice. It gives out tangy flavor since it contains citric acid, acetic acid, hydroxycitric acid, ascorbic acid, malic acid and garcinol.

Common Uses of Kokum Butter

  • Creams, lotions, balms
  • Cosmetic foundations
  • Lipsticks
  • Conditioners
  • Moisturizers

Benefits of Kokum Butter

  • Prevents dry skin and wrinkles
  • Helps regenerate skin cells
  • High oxidative stability Use kokum butter is soaps, balms, belly balms, foot care products and other emollient skin treatments.

Kokum is a fruit with a sweet and sour taste. It is dried and used as a spice in various culinary preparations, for garnishing, and making syrups. It is used as a substitute for tamarind and lime. It imparts a purple color to curries. It grows on an evergreen tree, which bears long ovate leaves that are colored green and yellow. The fruit itself is purple and contains seeds. Kokum is native of India. It is grown in tropical rain forest of Maharashtra and Konkan region. It is also grown in Asia and Africa.

Kokum fruit has a cooling effect. An extract and juice is used to treat sunstroke. The juice is refreshing, cooling, and nutritious, hence popular in the summers. An Ayurvedic preparation called Amrutkokum made from the juice can help prevent sunstroke. It is also a digestive and helps control dysentery, constipation, piles, and acidity. Garcinol is an anti-carcinogenic. It can prevent tongue and breast cancer, and tumors.

The fruit also contains antioxidants, which prevent oxidative cell damage by free radicals. It is a cardiotonic and prevents heart diseases, lowers cholesterol and helpful in obesity. Oil obtained from Kokum seeds is converted into butter. This butter protects the skin. It is used to treat burns, moisturize dry skin during winter, and heal lip fissures. The oil is also soothing to the skin and applied to treat allergies. It is also used in confectionary and other medicines.

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