Kokum Butter – A Potent Remedy

Kokum butter is an amazing recipe. It is not only a part of cosmetics and skin care products but also anti bacterial solutions. Kokum butter, when used in the right manner does amazing benefits to the human body.

Garcinia indica seed butter is derived from the garcinia indica fruit tree and has been a longtime health remedy and confectionery butter in India. It has been used historically as a remedy for diarrhea and dysentery in ayurvedic medicine, and it is even used in cooking and baking to add tart flavoring. However, recent research indicates that the health benefits of garcinia indica seed butter may have even more health benefits than initially thought.

Kokum butter or fat is a very clean fat with fatty acid composition showing –

  • C16(3.4%)
  • C18(67.4%)
  • C18:1(28.1%)
  • C18:2(0.6%)
  • C20(0.3%)

It has very high symmetrical SOS content (83.4%). This has been, therefore useful for direct (without any fractionation) blending with palm mid-fraction for preparing cocoa butter substitute. The fat is used mainly for edible purposes obtained by primitive methods is just off white, and free fatty acid levels are low indicating absence of any powerful lipolytic activity.

The benefits of garcinia indica seed butter are derived from the evergreen garcinia indica tree, according to the Western Ghats Kokum Foundation. Kokum, whose botanical name is garcinia indica, is a flowering fruit tree native to India that is about 10 to 15 meters long. It produces a miniature fruit that turns from red to purple as it ripens.

It has a tart taste, but the rinds expel a sweet aroma. Historically, there are numerous health benefits linked to nearly every part of the tree, but the seeds of the garcinia indica tree may hold even more beneficial properties, according to research conducted at the Department of Pathology at Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan.

Ayurvedic physicians have long used garcinia indica seed butter to help heal numerous ailments. According to the National Institutes of Health National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, ayurvedic medicine is a historically based healing arts system originating in India. This alternative medicine practice involves using products such as spices, herbs, vitamins, proteins, minerals, and metals for healing — and garcinia indica seed butter is a common remedy used.

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